About Abstract Dress

Patrick is an artpainter from Cologne, Germany. Since 2002 his profession is to create abstract acrylic paintings, always with text and lyrics. The inspiration for the artpieces often do come from Patrick´s favourite songs or poems. 

Patrick Motyl is painting an artpiece
First step will always be the creation of an original handpainted acrylic artpiece. this will be painted on stretched canvas or on a wooden board.
Acrylic painting PMW by Patrick Motyl on a wall
A hanging example of the painted artpiece PMW. Original artwork painted by Patrick Motyl can be found here: Patrick at saatchiart.com
A sewing pattern from the painting PMW by Patrick Motyl
The pattern of the art painting has been digitalized. The design is adjusted to fit on a sewing pattern for a longline sports bra.
Longline Sports Bra with PMW pattern
The longline sports bra with pmw design is handsewn with the printed pattern and ready to wear.