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The design is based on the original painting "what" by Patrick Motyl. The artwork is inspired by the song "be thankful for what you've got" performed by massive attack. The orange and green highlights do reflect the colour speech as a translation from the song in to visibility.

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From time to time you may feel like you are lost. You may ask yourself: Who am I? You do not need to ask - you are already here. In this moment. At this place. You are o.k. as you are. Accept yourself and be your own best friend. If you are a friend to yourself, the better you may be a friend to others.

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This is your life - nobody else can live it. Therefore your thoughts and needs do count. But you may need to articulate your will and thoughts.Start now to show that you are here and you want to be seen and heard. Say what you think - stay in the moment - be authentic.

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